The Breast Pump Guide

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Pump Overview

Breastfeeding is one of the best parts of motherhood. The feeling of feeding your child and being able to take care of its needs makes you a satisfied mother. It is the first step of nurturing the bond between the baby and the mother.

It is highly recommended that a mother should breastfeed their newborn till the age of 6 months and after that, a combination of breast milk and other nutritious recipes until the child is 24 months old. The first dark and yellow breast milk, also known as colostrum is high in nutrients and thus very important contributor in the baby’s growth. It has a range of antioxidants and antibodies that boost the immunity of the child while taking care of its nutritional gain.

Sadly, many mothers face difficulties in feeding their child directly. Whether you are leaving your baby at home for work or are physically or medically challenged to not feed her directly, you need something trustworthy that helps you in fulfilling the nutritional needs of your child. A breast pump is a great device that allows a mother to extract pure and healthy breast milk and offer it to the baby as and when required. You can safely and easily express milk from your breasts and feed it with bottle feeders or preserve it for later use, as and when the need be.

What is a breast pump?

A breast pump is a device which is used to express milk from the breasts of a lactating mom. It is an apparatus with manual function mode and motor function that allow manual and automatic breast pumping process. The milk expressed in the process is collected in the bags or jars attached to the pump and can be used immediately or preserved as per the WHO guidelines. Breast pumps become a boon in a range of cases when a lactating mother is not able to breastfeed her child directly. The pump replicates the suckling function of a child and thus promotes the production of breast milk. The milk expressed by using a breast pump is safe and equally nutritious like the directly fed milk.

There are several types of simple and advanced breasts pump available in the market, which can easily intimidate you. So, it is important that you know how to buy the best breast pump and what to look for.

What to look while buying a pump?

Finding a perfect breast pump for your individual use can be tough. To make sure you pick the best one, here are the points that you must know first:

1. Usage: The frequency and interval of breast milk express is one of the most important factors in deciding the best breast pump. You must also keep in mind the place you would be using the breast pump such as the office, workplace, home, public places or while traveling.

2. Quantity: You may have to buy a different breast pump if you want to express a high amount of milk while for small amounts the choices may be different.

3. Reason for use: The type of breast pump you buy also depends upon the reason why you are using the breast pump in the first place.

4. Time: Different pumps function differently and take different time for completing the expression. Depending upon the time you have in hand, you must buy the right breast pump.

5. Budget: You will be surprised to know how there are different breast pumps of the varied price range. So, before you buy any, keep your budget in mind.

6. Features: Just like any modern device, breast pumps come with endless features. From expression timing clock to automatic expression reminder, there are many advanced features that you must know about.

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Keep the baby well fed:Unlike traditional feeding, you get to know the amount of milk fed to the baby and thus keep them satisfied.

Ease of usage:You do not have to be physically present while the baby takes the feed. The mother can express the milk at any convenient time and later anyone can feed it to the baby.

Prevention from health hazards:It prevents the risk of mastitis and breast engorgement.

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  • It is very important to maintain and keep the breast milk sterilized all the time.
  • It might cause a slight decrease in the milk supply.
  • It is one bulky access to carry along anywhere you go.

Types of Pumps

Broadly, breast pumps can be divided into two main categories:

  • Manual breast pumps
  • Electric breast pumps

Manual breast pumps: In this type of pumps, you may use a handle or manually press the breasts to express milk.

Electric Breast pumps: These breast pumps are powered by direct electricity or battery to operate automatically and express milk. They are of two types:

  • Single Electric Breast Pumps
  • Double Electric Breast Pumps

Now that you know everything about breast pumps, take advantage of this modern machine and keep your baby well fed all the times.