In this guide, we will cover some of the best herbs to increase breast size.

Who doesn’t desire bigger breasts? Confess, at one factor, you wished that you had Scarlett Johansson’s or Kim Kardashian’s breast.

You possibly stuffed your bra with tissue paper or your mommy’s pads from 1970, when you remained in middle school, simply making your breasts larger. That can blame you? After all, men can’t help but turn about every time they see a female with large bulges on their upper body.

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Obviously, not every person could have bigger breasts like the Kardashians. Due to the demand to look excellent, various surgical procedures were presented to assist females to obtain the cup dimension they want. Nevertheless, not all ladies fit going under the knife. There is another alternative for you– breast-enhancing herbs if you are one of them. Here is the list of seven herbs to increase breast size.

Detailed Guide on The Best Herbs to Increase Breast Size

Here are some breast-enhancing herbs that you must consider.


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Have a look at any breast improvement herbs and you will see this as part of the components. Fenugreek is one of the best herbs to increase breast size naturally.

Considering that the ancient times, fenugreek can be a supreme therapist– from minimizing cholesterol to offering relief for irregularity– and even lessening symptoms of menopause.

Today, fenugreek is among the most sought-after herbs to assist increase breast size. It contains phytoestrogens that stimulate the production of natural estrogen in your body.

Likewise, fenugreek seeds have compounds that can raise healthy breast tissues and ultimately boost your breast size.

That’s not all. Aside from the phytoestrogens, fenugreek promotes the production of prolactin. This hormonal agent is responsible for producing milk, which assists nursing moms in the breastfeeding procedure.

How to use Fenugreek

When it comes to taking fenugreek, you have a few different options. You can simply follow the Indian way and eat plenty of curry dishes or other meals containing fenugreek powder or seeds.

You can also go for a more direct approach and try massaging some fenugreek oil onto your breasts. You can also make your own fenugreek paste by mixing a bit of fenugreek powder with water and then apply this to the breasts. Leave it there for 10 minutes before rinsing it off. You can also use fenugreek capsules like Vita Essentials Capsules.


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Saw Palmetto includes phytonutrients that can stimulate the growth of breast tissue, consequently increasing the size of your breasts.

Aside from increasing your breast size, saw palmetto offers tons of health advantages, too. It tones the urethra, which supports the healthy function of the urinary system. It can also be a nutritious tonic for smooth food digestion and a healthy craving.

The bright side is saw palmetto is offered in the market in tea, pill or tablet kind. Consume 2 to 3 cups of saw palmetto tea daily or take supplements two times daily. Just make sure to check with your doctor if saw palmetto tablets are safe for you.

How to use Saw Palmetto

You can purchase saw palmetto extract in different forms such as tablets and pills from your local health store. You can take such supplements frequently for a quick outcome. Additionally, you could give saw palmetto tea a shot. A couple of cups of this every day will help to reduce the amount of testosterone in your body.

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Wild yam has useful impacts on females’ reproductive health, including combating signs of pre-menstrual syndrome and menopausal problems.

At the same time, it is commonly utilized as a breast enlarger, since it promotes healthy breast tissue. In 1950, researchers found that this herb includes phytoestrogen called diosgenin. This ingredient is capable of chemically transforming itself into progesterone, although this one has to be done inside a laboratory.

Does it raise estrogen levels in your body? Well, professionals say no. Yes, it can assist you in the breast department, but through other means. Oh, and if you are having problems in the bedroom department, this herb can be of great assistance, too.

How to use Wild Yam

You can take wild yam in its capsule form or consume it in its tea form. Wild yam creams are likewise available, which you can utilize to massage your breasts two times a day.

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For centuries, fennel is utilized to increase a female’s breast size and aids in the milk production of nursing mothers. Fennel seeds have a high level of flavonoids that can improve estrogen levels in the body and promote the growth of breast tissue-something your breast require.

How to use fennel Seed

The advantage of fennel is that you can add it to creams and use it to massage your breasts. Do this twice a day and you’ll see a difference in your breast size after a few months. If you are not a follower of breast massage, you can make a tea out of it and drink it up to 3 times daily. This works best compared with simply using it on your breasts.

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When it comes to breast enhancement, red clover can likewise do marvels up there. It has been used for increasing breast size and enhancing breast health because of its capability to simulate the natural estrogen hormonal agents in your body. It can likewise help make your breasts firm, too.

Besides the isoflavones, red clover also contains a powerful phytoestrogen called genistein. This powerful phytoestrogen binds the estradiol receptors in your breasts, thereby promoting breast development and helping to increase your cup size.

How to use Red Clover

Red clover is best taken as a tea. Merely add one to two teaspoons of red clover flowers into a cup of hot water and let it steep for 30 minutes prior to consuming it. For best outcomes, consume 2 to 3 times a day.

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Pueraria Mirifica is most commonly found in Thailand. Eastern cultures have made use of Pueraria Mirifica for many years as it has many beneficial health effects. Studies have shown that Pueraria Mirifica is one of the herbs to increase breast size fast and thanks to the phytoestrogens it contains.

How to use Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica is available as tablets that one can take orally. You can use creams of this herb to massage into the breasts each day. You will need to wait a couple of months to see visible results, but persistence and patience will lead to larger breasts over time.


Watercress can assist to enhance milk production in brand-new moms. And, this is why it can help with breast advancement too. It helps to enhance levels of progesterone and estrogen in the body. Both which contribute to a boost in breast dimensions and firmness. Watercress is commonly discovered all around Europe, however, it is arriving in the United States in grand quantities as it becomes a growing number of popular.

Watercress can assist to increase milk production in brand-new mothers. And, this is why it can help with breast advancement. It assists to boost levels of progesterone and estrogen in the body.

How to use Watercress

Watercress is a scrumptious accompaniment for your sandwiches or salads. It is easily readily available in a lot of grocery stores. You can likewise include it in a wide range of other dishes. Nevertheless, if the taste of watercress isn’t really your cup of tea, you can take it as part of various other tablet-based supplements.



Blessed thistle has actually been used for centuries around Europe and Asia. Monks, who used it to heal all manner of ailments, initially cultivated it. Blessed thistle works by increasing the blood circulation around the body. More blood flows to the breasts, supplying them with the nutrients they have to stay healthy and grow in size.

In addition, the herb likewise consists of plenty of phytoestrogens, which help females to establish and maintain their womanly qualities.

How to use Blessed thistle

You can include a bit of blessed thistle to a cup of tea. Drink a number of cups every day for finest outcomes. This herb can be hazardous when combined with other medications. So, be sure to consult your physician before taking any blessed thistle.

So, what do you think? Is it worth the shot? If you still aren’t sure, talk to your doctor about it. Try some of these best herbs to increase breast size.